1871 Victorian Gold Locket Enameled Flowers

A gorgeous antique English Victorian gold locket, chased and engraved throughout with startling intricate foliate and floral scrolls and enamel-decorated with a bouquet of flowers. The reverse side is thus inscribed: “JHNK to JJ Dec. 21 1871”. The interior contains a photograph of a Victorian woman, but the locket can hold up to two photos, with both original cover glass still present. The locket is marked for and tests as solid 9k gold with a high-carat gold wash, which is bright, durable, and still well-preserved. This piece is well-contructed and carries good weight (14.9 grams).

The romantic significance of the enameled flower bouquet can be explained by the Victorian language of flowers, which enjoyed widespread popularity during a time when restrictive social mores curtailed the forthright declaration of amorous sentiments. Coded communication through the symbolism of flowers (also known as floriography) therefore became a medium through which romantic messages can be passed along in a manner that was seen as discreet, charming, and refined. This particular locket’s bouquet includes the following flowers and meanings:

Hundred leaved rose: sincere love
Pansy: Messenger of love
Forget-me-not: true and undying love; remembrance
Jasmine: Faithfulness

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