1872 Victorian Pearl Ruby Double Flower Ring

A charming and lovely Victorian double flower ring, set with 10 natural split pearls (i.e. formed naturally in mollusks; not cultured) and a tiny ruby and diamond forming the flower pistils. The setting and shank are entirely crafted in solid 18k gold. An unusually high number of hallmarks decorate the inner shank, indicating this ring was assayed through the Birmingham office in 1872, but that its design was registered with the English patent office on July 2nd 1870. The elegantly tapered shoulders with chased granulation give the ring a touch of the Etruscan revival style. The double flower and double gemstone design (related to toi et moi “you and I” rings), paired with sentimental pearls, suggest this type of ring was likely given as a betrothal or love token. The shape of the flowers, with their pointed petals, is also indicative of forget-me-not blossoms, yet another staple of Victorian sentimental jewelry.

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