1873 Victorian Snake Ring Diamond 18K Gold

A superb and well-crafted 19th c antique Victorian 18k gold ring, in the form of a tightly coiled snake bearing a 0.14 carat old European cut diamond within its head and dotted with small rubies for eyes. The ring is hallmarked on the interior for the Birmingham assay office, with a year stamp for 1873.

Snake themed jewelry was extremely popular in Britain throughout the 19th century. A wave of archeological findings in the late 18th and 19th centuries spurred popular interest in the ancient world. Fascinated by the old Egyptian symbol of the Ouroboros, Victorians believed snakes represented eternity and eternal love. The status of snake jewelry as love tokens and engagement rings solidified when Queen Victoria herself was given an engagement ring in the form of a coiled snake from Prince Albert.

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Date: 1873, Mid Victorian Era

Ring Size: USA 7 3/4, UK O 1/2, EU 56

Weight: 4.2 grams

– [crown + 18] for solid 18k gold
– [anchor] for Birmingham assay office
– [Y] letter year stamp for 1873
– [D & M] Maker’s or Sponsor’s mark

Materials: solid 18k gold (marked & tested), diamond, ruby & garnet (for the eyes; the larger tests as ruby, while the smaller tests as garnet)

Diameter of Diamond: 3.2 mm (approx. 0.14 carat)

Width of Shank: 5.6 – 6.5 mm

Thickness of shank: ~ 1 mm

Condition: excellent, pristine antique condition with no observable flaws. The hallmarks are well-preserved and crisp.