1900s Arts and Crafts Silver Bracelet

A rare and fantastical antique British Arts and Crafts movement bracelet, handcrafted between 1890- 1900s with solid .925 sterling silver in the form of curling leafy dogwood branches laden with berries. A large clear quartz cabochon sits in the center like a heavy drop of dew. The workmanship is detailed, imaginative, and full of movement. The back of the bracelet is marked with ‘head of Victoria’ silver import marks and the maker’s initials. Overall, this bracelet is full of sylvan beauty and invokes the kind of jewelry worn in an epic Tolkien film.

The Arts and Crafts design movement arose in the late 19th century as an artisan and guild driven protest against industrialization and machine manufacturing. Drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites and Asian art, Arts and Crafts design offer shapes and contours that seem rooted in a time before culture and civilization, creating a ‘folklore and magic’ kind of overall aesthetic.

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