1900s Edwardian Poodle “Over the Moon” Necklace

A whimsical, charming, and truly one-of-a-kind pendant necklace, made from two separate c. 1900s Edwardian brooches laser welded together by my jeweler to convey the message of “over the moon!” (an informal British/American phrase meaning extreme happiness). A 18k gold poodle with red spinel eyes hops over a 14k gold crescent moon encrusted with blue sapphires and natural pearls. A solid 14k gold chain attaches to the two ends.

Please note that the surface of the poodle has been ‘bloomed’, a coloring technique used by jewelers during the turn of the century to burn away alloys on karat gold’s surface by dipping the material in a special acid mix (muriatic acid, potassium nitrate, salt and water). The resulting surface appears velvety and matte.

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