Antique 14k Gold Ouroboros Bracelet

A turn-of-the-century late Victorian – Edwardian era 14k gold bracelet, in the form of a circular serpent coiled to eat its own tail. Symbolizing the cyclical nature of the universe — and thus the concept of eternity — the image of a self-devouring serpent has ancient roots tracing back to Egyptian funerary texts. In the Victorian era, the ouroboros was adapted for both mourning and romantic sentimental jewelry, to convey the idea that affection transcends life and death. This particular bracelet cleverly positions the serpent head and tail as the bracelet clasp and catch, giving a performative life to the symbolism itself: with each time the wearer secures the clasp, a committment to eternity is made. Per Victorian tradition, the head of the serpent is styled with rows of neat, sharp teeth. The body is constructed of a flexible gold mesh, a texture made popular in the earlier Georgian era and was perhaps inspired by woven hair jewelry.

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