Georgian Sepia Painted Mourning Pendant

A very rare and poignant Georgian period mourning pendant, crafted in solid 14k rose gold and featuring a young girl leaning against a swing with her dog at her side and her home not far behind. This painting is further accented with white and blue enamel, and encased within a domed glass.


Date: c. 1800-1810s, Regency / Georgian period

Materials: 14k rose gold (unmarked, tested with nitric/muriatic acid), watercolors, enamels, glass

Weight: 6.3 grams

Diameter of pendant: 32 mm

Full height of pendant (bail included): 39 mm

Condition: excellent antique condition for the age. The glass cover is in good condition, and has only very shallow surface scratches (unlike some examples from this period, the glass isn’t pitted or blurry due to wear). Under 60x magnification, I can however see some tiny dirt particles under the glass, due to age. The back of the pendant has some slight dents and indentations (please see photographs).