Georgian Tourmaline Pearl Conversion Bracelet

A gorgeous and very interesting antique bracelet, consisting of a c. 1820-30s Georgian era brooch matched in the early 20th century with solid 14k gold straps and converted into a bracelet. Even the clasp and extension chain are solid 9k gold. The conversion workmanship is very fine and seamless, and the repurposing of the brooch as a bracelet’s decorative face is very creative indeed. Overall this is a solid and very fine piece, weighing 26 grams!

The centerpiece can be dated to the Georgian era due to several characteristics unique to the period: the cut-down collet setting for the gemstones, the arrangement and style of the natural half-pearl halo, the flat cut stones, and the closed back foiled tourmalines. Foiling is a special gem setting feature that almost entirely disappeared after the Georgian era, when improved gem cutting techniques made the need for foiling obsolete and open-back settings became the new norm. Enclosed against textured flakes of silver and gold, foiled gemstones possess an undeniable charm; under direct lighting, this bracelet’s red and green tourmalines (about 3 – 3.5 ctw) literally glows afire.

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