Late Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Swallow Pendant

A most charming c. 1890s late Victorian swallow bird pendant necklace, pave-set with 58 glittering old rose-cut diamonds in a setting of silver-topped 9k rose gold (typical setting materials for Victorian diamond jewelry). A single natural ruby serves as the swallow’s eye. All 58 diamonds are enclosed in defined, reticulated open-back settings of a scalloped shape, weaved together to simulate the pattern of feathers. Originally a brooch, this pendant has been professionally laser welded to a solid 14k yellow gold chain with chunky 2.4 mm antique-style rolo links. The back of the swallow has a cleverly-designed swivel pin mechanism that can be screwed on and off; if desired, the necklace can be converted back to a brooch by screwing on the pin mechanism and clipping off the chain connection. (Both chain and add-on pin mechanism are included).

A favored shape in Victorian sentimental jewelry, the swallow symbolizes both the home and steadfast love. In the natural world, swallows are noted for their committment to monogamy; when bonded, a pair of swallows are mates for life. In European lore, swallows are the first animals spotted by sailors when coming close to land; alternatively, these animals are reputed to lead wayward sailors to land and thus to safety and the home.

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